Month: September 2012

Bank Reconciliations

How often should a business reconcile its bank accounts to its general ledger?  Most businesses get the answer wrong.  Monthly reconciliations are not adequate. The rules that apply to consumers do not apply to business accounts. Consumer Rules:  You have 60 days from the date a periodic statement containing a problem or error was sent… Read more »


The Foundation for 10X Leadership “Great by Choice” by Jim Collins and Morten Hansen is a captivating study of companies that have prospered in uncertainty and chaos.  The methodology of the research was to first find companies in specific industries that fit a defined parameter of success (10xers) and then compare them to companies in… Read more »

Does social media pose a risk of home invasion?

I have observed that a number of my friends and family disclose on social media platforms that they are traveling.  This tells all of their connections that the individual, often their entire family and other friends are not home.  Certainly we all hope that those with whom we have connected through Facebook, Four Square, Twitter… Read more »