Month: December 2012

The Ohio Department of Taxation changes its attitude on Commercial Activity Tax refunds reversing anti-business practices

  Ohio Tax Commissioner Joe Testa and Governor John Kasich announced this week that the Ohio Department of Taxation is changing the policy of notifying businesses of tax overpayments. According to the Department of Taxation, “In the past ODT didn’t notify businesses of overpayments—even if the Department was aware of it—but instead made businesses discover… Read more »

Happy Holidays

Our family wishes you, your family and employees a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We thank you for your support of our new venture with B2B CFO.  Our first months with B2B CFO have brought great new friends and associates into our lives. After six years on the West Coast, we enjoy… Read more »

Health Insurance reform is driving under-employment

The press has focused a lot of attention on the official unemployment rate in the United States.  Just recently the rate finally dipped below 8 percent for the first time since early in 2009.  But the unemployment rate does not tell the full story.  We have a huge group of people who are working below… Read more »