Month: March 2013

Tax Foundation's 2013 State Business Tax Climate Index

The Tax Foundation recently released their annual ranking, the Tax Foundation’s 2013 State Business Tax Climate Index.  All states are ranked based upon a number of criteria shown in the table below. 2013 State Business Tax Climate Index Ranks and Component Tax Ranks State Overall Rank Corporate Tax Rank Individual Income Tax Rank Sales Tax… Read more »

Need more CASH?

Are you billing quickly and accurately? In some industries invoicing or billing takes place at the point of sale, in others the timing of billing is dependent on more factors. Often billing is delayed awaiting actual freight charges, verifying that a signed delivery ticket was obtained, verifying pricing, or simply because billing is not a… Read more »

Need more CASH?

Do you have vendors who owe you refunds? There are AP audit firms that will do detailed reviews of a company’s vendor payments searching for duplicate payments.  These firms will also review payments to contracts to ensure vendors are billing according to the contract terms. But short of bringing an AP audit firm in to… Read more »

Need more Cash?

Do you have stale or slow moving inventory? I recently met with a contact who related a story of finding cash in stale and slow-moving inventory.   A number of years ago I was involved in a merger of two competitors that resulted in duplicate part numbers, overlapping inventories and an opportunity to help finance the… Read more »

Need more CASH?

Start by knowing who you owe. Most people assume that businesses know their obligations.  Unfortunately that is not always the case. For a business to plan and manage its resources it must measure and track those resources.  Business goals should be measurable, measured and aligned with the compensation and other rewards of the firm.  Managing… Read more »