Month: November 2013

How is your relationship with your banker?

Some business owners have close relationships with their bankers, others wish they didn’t need a banker and still others only interact with their banker when necessary.  Bankers have a vested interest in your business.  Whether they are in the board room or calling on customers, they want to be assured that their interests are aligned… Read more »

Should you accept customer credit cards in payment?

For some industries this question is moot.  Of course those dealing with high levels of consumer activity must take credit cards in payment.  Retailers, restaurants and online merchants would find it difficult to insist on cash and might not like to receive consumer’s personal checks.  But for merchants who have a B2B business the answer… Read more »

Should I pay suppliers with company credit cards?

If you are contemplating paying your business expense with a company credit card, it is important to consider the motivation for using this form of credit.  I am a strong advocate of a well-managed employee credit card program that is paid-off monthly with the issuing bank.  Company credit cards avoid the problem of requiring employees… Read more »