Month: March 2014

Networking – Tips and Pointers – Preparation

“Networking” is a popular buzz word these days.  Job seekers are told that networking is the way to connect with employers.  Those in charge of business development know that networking can provide leads and expand exposure  of their firm.  Likewise small business owners are instructed to build their business through networking.  But how do you… Read more »

Sell to me the way I want to purchase

I have had two purchasing experiences in the past few weeks that highlighted my frustration with most sales approaches.  The items being considered were very different, one smaller and the other much larger. In one case, the sales person determined my habits and then tried to fit me into a specific product offering.  In the… Read more »

Us Marginal Tax Rates

Tom Perkins, a legendary partner of the investment firm of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, has been in the news lately for his comments concerning the taxation of the top 1%.  Mr. Perkins has asserted that the current environment of attacks on the successful in America will doom the top 1%. I agree and disagree… Read more »