Brew In the Burbs

The Lakota Optimists are teaming with BC’s Bottle Lodge and CrossRoads Mason to host Brews in the Burbs on Friday April 20th from 7-11pm.  Music will be provided DV8, with food trucks and Mad Monk’s pizza providing food. The first week of sales brought over 140 ticket sales and 40% of the VIP tickets moved… Read more »

Tax law changes that will impact your business

Some details may have gotten lost in the noise of the tax law change. Entertainment expense is no longer deductible.  You will need to assess the value of your entertainment spending in light of the changed law.  Meals, however, remain 50% deductible.  If your business tracks these two expenses in a single expense category you… Read more »

Should CPA’s work more remotely?

Jennifer Wilson of Convergence Coaching recently published an article in the Journal of Accountancy advocating that auditors should do more work remotely. Her key points were: We have the technology. Its more time and cost efficient. Some client’s audit locations are less than ideal. Firms (CPA) can gain staffing flexibility. Many of your clients will… Read more »

Tax Tips for the Average Joe

If you are a small business owner or a higher wealth individual, I strongly recommend that you stay in touch with your tax advisor over the next few weeks to properly balance your 2017 and 2018 tax bills. If you are someone who owns a home and is able to itemize, there are a few… Read more »

Asking about salary history when hiring

Federal law does not prohibit asking a job applicant about their salary history and it has been a common question on job applications. But that is changing with recent rules passed by New York City and other jurisdictions. The ban on asking for salary history comes from the fact that women and minorities have historically… Read more »



Newly “in transition” folks often seem to think that networking is something they need to do until they find a new corporate role.  In my world as partner in B2B CFO®, I view networking as a way to stay connected with the marketplace, potential customers and people who are integral to my success. Certainly networking… Read more »