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Should CPA’s work more remotely?

Jennifer Wilson of Convergence Coaching recently published an article in the Journal of Accountancy advocating that auditors should do more work remotely.

Her key points were:

  1. We have the technology.
  2. Its more time and cost efficient.
  3. Some client’s audit locations are less than ideal.
  4. Firms (CPA) can gain staffing flexibility.
  5. Many of your clients will be relieved.

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New Lease Accounting Rules

The Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued new rules related to accounting for leases. The rules take effect for public companies beginning 12/15/18 but will require some consistency in reporting so firms are changing to account for their leases in the new manner in 2017.  For non-public companies, the rules take effect 12/15/19.…

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Is your CRM working for you?

A good Customer Relationship Management system is a powerful tool. I recently attended a networking event with a friend who was almost constantly on her tablet.  At first I thought she wasn’t an attentive listener but then she began sharing information with the other attendees.  Someone ask for a lead in a firm or industry, my friend checked her firm’s CRM system and quickly provided solid information in answer to the request. …

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In today’s tightening work environment, apprenticeships can be an excellent way for employers to develop trained staff and to evaluate them prior to making an offer of regular employment.

Apprenticeships fit well in work environments where additional skills training will be required and the job applicants pool is falling behind the demand.…

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Internships – do they need to be paid?

As the first day of summer approaches and schools are getting out for summer break, many students are looking for work. Some estimates place over a million Americans a year in an internship role.  The University of Cincinnati believe so strongly in the value of on the job training that nearly every area of study incorporates an internship.…

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