CPAs Using Drones

I read an article yesterday in the CPA Insider by Sarah Ovaska-Few entitled “Drones set to invade accounting profession”.[1] My first thought was “yeah right.”  But the article talked about the use of drones in specialized fields such as mining and agriculture.

Drones are already being used in the agriculture industry as a faster more comprehensive way to view crops and land from the air. Trimble has a large fulfillment center in this area and is a leader in systems that provide position-centric information.  They are working with the agriculture industry to utilize drone technology.

As some of you know, I spent a few years in the ready-mix, aggregate and cement industry. Aggregate inventory piles are often huge and historically have been quantified using aerial fly-overs.  An inaccurate science but it was the best technology before drones.  Drones can now reduce the cost of those aerial measurements.  Large aggregate firms can also keep better tabs on their sprawling operations using drone technology.

It is great to hear that even conservative bean-counters are adapting to technological advancements and holding down the cost of their work in the process.


[1] CPA Insider email newsletter dated 1/23/17.  Drones set to invade accounting profession by Sarah Ovaaska-Few.

photo credit: FootMassagez Finance via photopin (license)

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