Decision Making Matrix

My friend, Rod Sommer, provided this decision making insight that you can use in any business or personal situation.

Decisions have to belong to someone.  No decisions are group or consensus decisions.

Level 1  The leader makes the decision alone and announces it.

This type of decision may apply to an emergency or simply to a decision that does not need the input of others.

Level 2  The leader solicits input form others but then the leader makes the decision

The leader sincerely wants feedback and input from others but the ultimate decision is his/hers alone to make.  The input provides important information and can enhance everyone’s understanding of the issue.  Note this is not a group decision, the leader owns the decision.

Level 3  Someone else owns the decision but invites input from others

The leader is not the decision maker but someone else is.  This may be an area where the leader has delegated authority or the responsibility rests with someone other than the leader.   Note this again is not a group decision – one person owns the decision, they have decided to solicit input prior to making their decision.

Level 4  Someone else makes the decision and announces it

Similar to level 1, level 4 decisions may not require additional input.  They own the decision

You can obviously see the clear pattern in this decision matrix.  One person not a group makes every decision.  At times the decision maker seeks information and input but they retain the ultimate responsibility for the decision.

photo credit: arrows via photopin (license)


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