What is a CGMA

I have been asked what the CGMA designation after my name means.  The CGMA stands for a Chartered Global Management Accountant.  The designation was awarded jointly by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).   The CIMA is a multi-national association of Chartered Accountants representing over 195,000 members in 176 countries.  The CGMA designation recognizes professionals who have deep understanding of finance and have expanded their business skills through experience as management accountants to help drive better business decisions.

I am honored to receive the CGMA designation, and am delighted that the accounting profession recognizes the value that management accountants bring to organizations.  This designation represents a commitment to advanced education, ethics and professional development that are critical to career success.  To qualify for the CGMA in the U.S., finance professionals must be trained as a CPA, passing the Uniform CPA Examination and meeting educational requirements in their states.

AICPA and CIMA, two of the world’s most prestigious accounting bodies, established the Chartered Global Management Accountant designation in January 2012 to elevate the profession of management accounting. The designation recognizes the most talented and committed management accountants with the discipline and skill to drive sustainable business success.

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