Work in Retirement and Retirement Readiness

I read two sequential articles today on these topics. The first addressed how many people are choosing to work in retirement while the second emphasized how few Americans feel they will have sufficient financial resources to retire.

Emily Brandon, the senior editor for Retirement at the U.S. News and author of “Pensionless – The ten-step solution for a stress-free retirement,”[1] wrote laid out seven reasons to work in retirement.   She emphasized the social benefits of being with people, the need for fresh new challenges, the advantages of working to stay physically active, the extra income, the fact that a job allows people to answer the “what do you do” question, the potential for health insurance and finally, the ability to set your own schedule.

I would add to Ms. Brandon’s list the fact that businesses are experiencing a serious worker shortage. This has been coming for a long time as the baby boomers did not have sufficient children to replace themselves in the work force.  Boomers will be enticed back into the work force for all the reasons mentioned and frankly because employers will offer them opportunities that will be hard to turn down.

I am hopeful that the first article provides a pathway toward the solution for the second topic. Samiha Khanna wrote in the Journal of Accountancy this week that “nearly half the non-retired adults in a March survey said they are not certain they will be financially prepared to retire.”[2]  The good news in that is that the other half are more confident about their financial status.  Unfortunately, many don’t know how to project their financial retirement readiness.  Ms. Khanna suggests that they keep track of their expenses and minimize borrowing.  I believe that for those who can work, it will be the logical solution to help bridge the gap.


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